Family Needs Matter

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Family Needs Matter Support Services

Our support workers work with vulnerable people in different ways.

We help people who have mental health problems,family problems, domestic violence, recovering addicts, young offenders, those struggling with relationships.

Families would usually be referred to us by a social worker,support worker or you can self refer into our services by completing the online referral form.

We can help with many events that are happening in your life in the following ways :-

Emotional support

Arrange Appointments

Refer to appropriate agencies

Work with families

Improve family skills

Preparing you for therapy/counselling

Each client is given an initial assessment so we can put a plan in place which is agreed with yourself so that you can move forward.

We often work closely with other agencies such as Social Care, Children's Centres, Charities, as well as GP’s and Consultants so we can provide the best service possible for yourself.